If you stored your car for a long period that you should keep in mind that it could be the first reason for battery drain. You should store a vehicle without a battery or there is a specific process before storing a car with a battery.

It is very important to start your car that is not in use for a long time. In this way, you can save your battery life for a long period. There are many other reasons that become a hurdle in your car battery’s proper working. A car battery could die if you have not started your vehicle for a long time without taking any precautions for saving battery life.

Another thing that can become a reason for the battery to be dead is to keep turning headlights and interior lights on during the car are no in starting position.

There are some parts that you need to charge a battery if it became dead while traveling. It includes a jumper cable set and a car that is in a running state. The car that is in the running state should have charged the battery.

If you stuck on a road where other cars are passing then you can get help from someone to charge your car’s battery. If you have someone with charged battery car then you need to connect both the car’s batteries with the help of jumper wires.

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Through this process, the energy will be transferred from charged battery to dead battery and your car battery will be functional after some time. Here are some steps that you need to read in this article that how you can safely charge your car battery.

Before Functioning your Car with Dead Battery

First of all, you need to check your car battery functionality before starting your car. Some main points that you need to keep in mind that the car battery should not have any cracks or leakage of battery acid.

But if you feel that you are facing some of the issues of acid leakage or cracks then don’t ever try to jump-start your vehicle. Because in case of these issues you can get a serious injury by starting your vehicle. So try to keep yourself and others safe from any damage. Always keep an eye on battery issues if you are facing any issue in starting your vehicle.

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Keep an Eye on Jumper Cables Neatness

If you are charging your battery with any functional car then definitely you will need jumper cables. This will be the main part of all the processes so you should keep an eye on its cleanness that the wires that you are using should be neat and free of corrosion.

It should not be damaged because it can be the reason of injury for you if its cover is removed from some places. So if your cables are corroded then clean them with stiff bristles before using them.

Keep Your Hands & Eyes Safe While Charging Car Battery

It is another important thing that you should keep in mind before charging your battery. Your eyes and hands are both in working condition during charging a car battery and can get any harm from it if not saved with gloves and goggles.

These two items will save your eyes and hands from any serious injury. If you are thinking that how can your eyes suffer during the car battery charge? Then this will be good information for you that battery has sulfuric acid that can cause major injury. So keep yourself as save as you can.

Place Both Vehicles in a Way That They Don’t Cross Each Other

The other most important thing that you need to do while charging your car battery is the placement of both the cars. Set the functional car in front of the car that has a dead battery. Make sure both the vehicle has a proper distance from each other.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind that before placing both the cars, keep a proper distance so that jumper cables reach both ends. The jumper cables came with different length and styles it depends on it that how much distance you need to maintain between the cars.

If you have short lengthened cables then don’t ever try t connect two different pairs together because it can cause the start of a fire.

Last But Not the Least

After placing all the things correctly, you need one last thing that is starting of car that is functional. After starting it, your car battery will start getting energy from the car that has charged the battery. In this way, you can get your car battery charged.

These are a few but important steps that you need to follow for charging your car’s battery safely.