Automatic cars actually mean the cars which come with automatic gearboxes. They have become more popular today than ever before because they are much more convenient than the old-fashioned manual gearboxes.

Firstly, they increase the comfort and ease for drivers who spend most of the time stuck in the traffic of cities. They can relax the clutch foot as there is no need for the third pedal in an automatic car. Secondly, in luxurious cars along with the comfort, automatic also adds smoothness with gear changes that are not noticeable.

Previously it was believed that automatic gearboxes can only be fit in slow and relaxing cars but it is not the case today. Many sports car change gear quicker automatically than you could do using a manual gearbox and have much more power.

In many cases, the automatic gearboxes have become more responsive and efficient means they show lower fuel consumption and exhaust emission. They have a range of speeds and can choose the right gear according to the road conditions and run efficiently.

There can be multiple reasons to choose the automatic car so here we have a list of most popular automatic cars in the world.  

Volkswagen Golf

It is one of the most popular automatic cars. People call it an ‘all-round car’ because it is easy to drive. The Volkswagen Polo also has the same DSG gearbox and proven to be highly popular to drive around the city.

Mini Cooper

Mini hatchback with five doors has easy access to the rear bench but retains the three-door model’s retro styling. The MINI 5-door is as its name suggests a MINI hatchback with five doors. 

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1.2 and 1.5-liter petrol engines are available with an automatic gearbox that shifts smoothly and is effective if you want a little more acceleration. It has the same sporty nature and is one of the best-handling cars even on twisty roads.

BMW 1 Series

The Germans are the masters of an automatic gearbox. BMW 1 series can be a little expensive with its eight-speed automatic gearbox but it proves how easy it makes the car drive. It has an excellent gearbox that smoothly shifts when you are driving and compliments well with its practicality, quietness, and comfort.

Toyota Prius hatchback

The Toyota Prius is a petrol-electric hybrid that uses a CVT (continuously variable transmission) to meter out the power from its clever powertrain. Prius is the car that was designed for eco-friendly driving so it shows impressive economy figures.

It is a very spacious car ideal for families with enough space for passengers and luggage together. Lower costs and comfortable ride with the automatic gearbox increase the Prius demand in the market.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Auto

Landrover has built an impressive nine speeds into the Discovery Sport’s optional automatic gearbox but they are hard to be felt changing from one to another because they are so smooth in automatic mode. The reason this car is so appealing is that it looks good, shows quality and drives with finesse. 

Mercedes S-Class

If we consider all the German cars then no other car is classier than the Mercedes S-class. Along with the performance it has very high-end interior and enough space for four people and their luggage. It has nine-speed gearbox which is extremely smooth and powerful engine for easy progress.

Jaguar XF

The diesel version of Jaguar XF is another premium pick for the most popular automatics as it shines above the rest of the Jaguar range.  It can get up to 70.6mpg which makes it perfect for long and comfortable commutes.

XF delivers with its V8 turbocharged model and has more room for luxury and comfort. The XE is another good option sharing the same gearbox as XF but is slightly shorter which is better for sporty drivers.

These are some of the most popular automatic cars in the world. Automatic gearboxes are becoming more popular by eliminating the need for manual gear changes. It is one of the little luxuries of life to soothe away the stress of rush hour traffic, making driving easier and also improves the efficiency and economy of your car.